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Here are some very good reasons for you to get started with GalleryNow:

  • Your art will be permanently on display
  • Reach art lovers and prospective buyers worldwide
  • Earn money with affordable entry tickets for potential clients• GalleryNow reduces the distance between you and your buyer
  • Effortless – no printing, mounting, framing costs; no venue costs, no advertisement cost for you. We only take a commission of the sales price.
  • Hassle-free – no bureaucracy or worries for you. We take care of public liability insurance, etc.
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • There’s no limit to the number of simultaneous visitors
  • The risk of damage to your artwork during the exhibition is not there
  • Benefit from a large network and existing customer base from GalleryNow

To become a part of theGalleryNow artist community, send us your portfolio now.


What Are The Portfolio Submission Requirements?

  • Your Biography and Artist Statement – tell us about yourself and your background.
  • You may also provide us with an online portfolio or a PDF version as long as it includes all of the above information.

How Do I Submit My Portfolio For Review?
You can email your portfolio to:

Is There A Cost To Submit My Portfolio For Review?


If Not Accepted, Can I Submit My Portfolio Again?

Yes, you can submit a portfolio with new artwork 24 months after your original submission.

Which Media Are Acceptable For Submissions?

Oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, paper and framed, acrylics plus mixed media

Specification for Submission of Pictures, once the portfolio has been accepted:

  • Please send only pictures in JPEG format.
  • Width: 2200 pixels, height 1200 pixels
  • Photograph from straight in front of the painting / artwork, not slanting
  • Full painting / artwork

About Custom / Commission Artwork

GalleryNow offers a custom artwork option to the clients. In case a client would like to have a customized artwork, we will contact the artist, and if he is interested in doing it, we will work out a contract. The contract will include the price with all applicable expenses associated with creating the custom artwork and payment terms, date of completion and approval process.

The client is requested to provide us with as much information about the custom artwork as possible before the work has started.



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